Ernestine Damerow



Ernestine Augustine Wilhelmine Damerow

Father: Gottfried Wilhelm Damerow

Mother: Albertine Fredericka Rustembach

Ernestine Augustine Wilhelmina Damerow was born on 18 Jul 1867 in  Trampe, Brussow, Uckermark, Prussia[6]. She traveled with her parents and sisters Caroline and Elizabeth to the United States aboard the ship "Frisia" in 1873. Her other sisters, Friedrericka and Wilhelmine, traveled separately with their husbands. The ship arrived at the port of New York on 16 Oct 1873. The family traveled to Wheatfield, New York shortly thereafter, to join other Prussian immigrants who had settled there. Ernestine was confirmed in 1881 in St. Johannes  Evan. Lutheran Church, St. Johnsburg, NY. She married Frank Crego about 1888. She and Frank had one son, William Jacob Crego, who was born in Lockport, NY in 1894.

Ernestine and Frank remained in the Lockport, NY area. Their residence in 1910 was 294 Locust Street. Ernestine and Frank both died in 1940, Ernestine on April 01, 1940 and Frank on Novemeber 6 1940. They are interred in Cold Springs Cemetery,  Lockport NY.

Ernestine Damerow Crego's Church Registry Entry at St. John's Lutheran Church in Lockport, NY
Ernestine's parents, Gottfried and Friedericka
Ernestine's parents, Gottfried and Friedericka
Caroline Damerow
Ernestine, Caroline, and Friedericka Damerow
Caroline Damerow
Ernestine, possibly her wedding portrait
Frank Crego, Ernestine's husband. I believe this was his wedding portrait.
Unidentified photo from Ernestine's photo album, perhaps her grandparents from Prussia?
    A sampler made by Caroline Damerow in 1871